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How to brew Couch Town Coffee:


1-2 tbsp coffee per 5 oz. water


6-8 grams coffee per 100 grams water


For pour-over method:

Rinse filter

Heat water to 195-205F

Grind coffee right before brewing

Deliver water to coffee at a rate that results in a total brew time of about 4 minutes (give or take). This means that the ground coffee will be in contact with water for about 4 minutes.


For any other method (i.e. french press, drip maker, moka pot, etc.) just alter the method of water delivery slightly to fit your needs. Remember that coffee is made up of mostly water, so starting with good tasting water with the right mineral content makes a difference. Charcoal filtered tap water works pretty good as long as it tastes good by itself. Some filtration methods like reverse osmosis remove too many minerals for the coffee to brew properly. In that case you may have to alter your recipe to accommodate.


As always, ask Andrew if you have any questions!

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