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Couch Town Coffee was founded in 2014 by Andrew Chipman in Davenport, IA (hence the name Couch Town...get it?). The first pounds sold were roasted in a humble LP BBQ setup cobbled together by Andrew in the garage. 


As demand grew, so did the operation. In late 2014, a North Coffee TJ-067g coffee roaster showed up in the driveway all the way from China! Weighing in at 350 pounds, the TJ-067g has proven a worthy piece of equipment indeed! Thanks to Steve Green's Mill City Roasters for making it happen!

The TJ-067 may be larger than the aluminum perforated drum of Couch Town's humble beginnings, but the spirit of small batch roasting remains. 

We hope to outgrow our current operation. For now, we will continue to perfect our current operations and provide top notch coffee to our wonderful customers!

We roast premium coffee fresh to order and ship it to your doorstep. 

Thanks for visiting!

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